Catching instead of fishing

These are the expressions you see when the kids actually catch fish.

When you want to go catching instead of fishing we are the best place to be. After a long day of fishing and nothing to eat for dinner come try us out. We are perfect for anyone who wants to actually catch fish. What makes it even better is you don’t have to pack your own equipment and bait, or buy a fishing license. Here you are guaranteed to catch at least one trout or your fishing adventure is free.


Fishing Hours

Summer Hours
Memorial Day through Labor Day
Monday-Saturday 9:00am- 6:00pm
Sunday 11:00am-6:00pm
Rest of Year
Early September through Late May
Call to set up an appointment 575-378-4216

Some fish are huge.

Our spring-fed, 1/2 acre pond is only stocked with rainbow trout and promises to be the best fishing around. We try not to stock any fish under 10 inches while some trout caught here have been over 20. The average catch is 11 inches and can way over a pound. They promise to be good eating, especially when you use one of our recipes.

We encourage you to explore our recipes so you know in advance how you want to cook your catch. Right now we have two pages of recipes; our traditional recipes and our new recipes, featuring our High Mountain Jerky Seasonings from Wyoming. Eventually, I would like to start a page of your recipes; if you have a recipe you would like to share, please email it to

To keep our ponds clean and our fish healthy we don’t allow outside equipment, therefore, we provide poles and bait for fishing, at no additional cost. For this same reason, we also do not allow catch and release. When you are done fishing we will clean and bag your fish for transport. We encourage you to use our online recipes, however, for your convenience, we still give out paper copies upon request.

OK, all this sounds good so far, so you ask “HOW MUCH IS THIS GOING TO COST ME!

Well first let’s look at what it will cost you to go fishing in State Stocked Waters:

   Resident of NM Non-Resident of NM
Adult Annual License $25.00 $56.00
Jr. (12-17) Annual License $5.00 $15.00
Habitat Stamp $14.00 $14.00
Bait $5.00 minimum $5.00 minimum
Pole $15.00 minimum $15.00 minimum
Per Junior Total Cost $39.00 minimum $49.00 minimum
Per Adult Total Cost $59.00 minimum $90.00 minimum

If you get lucky, maybe you catch 1 or 2 puny fish, that are so thin you can’t even clean them or they disappear. More than likely all you catch is a headache from irritated kids because they aren’t catching any fish.

Here you won’t need a fishing license, pole, or bait and you don’t have to clean your own fish.

You only pay for what you catch and you can catch as many as you want! Also, if the kids manage to get bored before you catch anything your fishing adventure is free.

Your cost is 95 cents per inch for the trout you actually catch and a $4.00 permit for your group (as long as all the fish travel together). Your cost will look like this:

Number of 11 inch Trout Total Cost with Permit (+Tax)
1 $14.45
3 $24.90
4 $35.35
5 $45.80
6 $56.50

When you stop to think about it, 95 cents per inch sounds pretty good. You can catch a lot of fish for what it would cost you to license up, buy equipment and maybe not catch anything at all.

My Fish Are Ready to Cook. Now What?

With trout it is easier to separate the meat from the bones after it is cooked; then the skin will peel off easily and the meat will fall right off the rib cage. Remember to use our recipes (traditional recipes or new recipes). Also, ask about our grill kit, which has everything you need (except the grill) to cook 4 fish.

We are in love with the small knife we use to clean fish, so we now offer them for sale in our office. While we recommend cooking your fish whole, we understand you may prefer to filet them when you get home. If this is the case, we also sell a very nice filet knife. We recommend watching this video before you start fileting. 

For longer drives, we recommend keeping your fish on ice. For your convenience, we sell ice and insulated bags to pack your fish in. If the kids (or adults) are having so much fun that you wind up catching more fish than you can eat in one meal we recommend you transfer them to portion-size ziplocks, add just enough water to cover the fish, and freeze them.